Citizens Advice Wokingham are holding Big Energy Saving Week events at stalls at the following locations and times:


Wednesday 23rd January at Woodley Town Centre Market Place, 10 am to 3 pm.

Thursday 24th January at Wokingham Market Place, 10 am to 3 pm.


Big Energy Saving Week, which begins on Monday 21st January, is a national campaign to help people reduce their energy bills, and to understand how to receive all of the financial support that they are entitled to.


The events of the week are aimed at improving public awareness of the available options that pertain to the reduction of energy bills, and the processes to follow should it transpire that you may be entitled to financial benefits, grants or discounts.


These options follow the Check, Switch and Save format. For example, you can ‘Check’ your meter regularly to discover how much energy you are using. Contact your supplier or local Citizens Advice if you believe that this bill is incorrect or if you are struggling to pay it.


You might wish to ‘Switch’ your energy supplier or your tariff, which might save you hundreds of pounds. It is possible for this to be done even if you owe your current supplier money. Talk to your local Citizens Advice or visit for more information.


Finally, it can be beneficial to ‘Save’ by making your home energy more efficient, and by adopting small energy-saving techniques. Potential options include the insulation of lofts and walls, and the usage of low energy lightbulbs.


To learn more about the options available to you, please speak to Citizens Advice at the locations and times provided at the top of the page. Our friendly advisers will be able to offer more detailed information pertaining to your individual circumstances, and a wide range of specific contact details of the relevant energy suppliers and advice services.